Friday, April 11, 2008


Who would have thought that something so simple would make me feel better! I went to physical therapy again last Tuesday and man was it awesome! I got an unbelievable massage, and Emily worked on some pressure points and I am trying to throw my shoulders back where they should be. While I am working this contraption really works. It's like a long cotton strap with 2 D rings on the end and I have to throw each end of the strap over my shoulders, cross it around my back then around to the front and tighten it up. I know that it sounds weird, but on Wednesday when I came home from work I was almost completely pain free for a change, and I didn't even have to take any muscle relaxers. I did wait a little too long to rig myself up yesterday though, but made it through the day just fine.
When I got home I had 2 beautiful grandchildren waiting on me. The weather was nice and they were all out in the front yard with the neighbor kids riding tricycles! It was awesome seeing them play together like they used to all of the time. Then the third one arrived later. It feels so good right now to have them in the house, doing all of the stuff that they used to do, like running in the house, (a definite NO NO), begging for juices before they have finished the one that they are drinking, asking for treats (which they usually get and they will be full of chocolate before they leave for their journey home), being hungry 100% of the time, (and I thought that Pete was

bad!), but it's still nice to have them around! Bailey, Wesley and Will will leave tomorrow morning a little after 6 a.m. instead of 2:30 this afternoon. I washed all of their hair with my lovely grapefruit shampoo! They smelled so good! I even scrambled them some eggs! So our goal for this afternoon is to entertain 3 small children! It's kind of overwhelming, as they have never stayed with us for this long. I am too old for this stuff!! haha!

In regards to OTHER STUFF only 19 more days until my trip to Idaho! I have yet to get my luggage down from the attic like I said that I was going to or make my lists complete of everything that I want to do while I am there, although the list is started.

Also, got some news that has me rather distraught, sad, and upset, and every other emotion that one could feel in that respect. My neighbors are moving to Texas:-( They have been such good friends and we have shared so many good times with them. I will hate to see them go. It's been an awesome experience watching their children grow. They are like our second grandkids! I know that they will be back for visits, as they still have family here, but I will miss them so much.

It's kind of weird having a day off! I am finding myself wondering what to do, although these kids are keeping me kind of busy, which is a good thing!

Will post more adventures with the kids and hopefully more pictures tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're not flying on American or Frontier. Who is your carrier?

Carbonara Clan said...

The kids look great! I miss them and can't wait for my babies to come home!!!

timeisoftheessence said...

I am flying on Northwest! What's wrong with Frontier or American? Now you answer me back!

Samantha said...

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E pictures of those grandbabies! Man they are cute!!

Advice for your trip home: don't make a list of things to get done. It never happens and then you go home feeling dissapointed that you didn't do all you wanted to. Maybe pick one or two absolutes, and leave the rest up to the moment!! Can't wait to see ya!

Anonymous said...

American has canceled over 2000 flights in the last week. Something to do with wiring. Thought I heard frontier had filed for bankruptcy.