Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, our weekend with the grandchildren went pretty well! It was so much fun to have them in the house for a couple of days, even though the arguing, running, screaming and all of those kid things had me on my last nerve! Thank God for the little magic pill that I am allowed to take when moments that seem too stressful seem to overwhelm me! They weren't that bad though. I did get my camera out and actually took some pictures of them WITH FILM! It's so easy today to just whip out the digital camera and snap snap snap and it's done, then if you don't like it, hit the delete button. I am very critical of myself when taking pictures and can't wait to see the finished product. I then go through and tell myself everything that is wrong with each picture, and once again assure myself that it will get better next time. Here's a few examples! I know you are all probably tired of looking at grandkids, but you will survive!

This is my Wesley! We tried to pull the other loose tooth, but it wasn't ready to budge!
William Max looks just like his Opa! He can sure eat those waffles at Waffle Hut! Miss Bailey is 6 going on 16! She loves to be primped on! She sure tells the boys what is what!


This is Miss Grace! She like buttershlies and shlowers! She's moving to Texas soon!

This is Grace's brother Gavon! He kept the soccer balls going for afternoon play sessions with the grandkids!

Good fun was had by all. On Saturday, it was a so called Mexican Fiesta for all of us, which included dinner at Casa Mexicana with Ashley and Michael, Pete, and Phil, home made sangria (which was to die for), helicopter rides and haunted houses!

On another note, only 2 weeks until Idaho and all I know is that I better get busy!

No words for today, and there are plenty of pictures.


Carbonara Clan said...

Yes they are a bad ass gang of little biker terrors!!

Patience-please said...

There's nothing like the quiet of a house after the grandkids leave.
Wonderful pictures, every single one. Imagine what treasures they will be in 10, 15, 40 years!