Saturday, December 15, 2007

This Random Game

OK, so, as I said in a previous post, my kids all have the myspace account and all of that stuff. Well, I ventured there this morning to see what my daughter had to say and found that I had been tagged. So, now I have to do this ten random things about myself, but I told her that I would do it on my own personal blog-space and not on myspace. I'm sitting here thinking about what to write because she said that I would have some quote random facts unquote, about myself. Mind you, I will NOT reveal all little secrets, just some things that people may or may not know about me, they may or they may not be random. So, here goes.

#1- When I was six years old, my Dad pulled my first tooth.He took a piece of thread, tied it around the tooth, gave it a yank and I blacked out! Whacked the back of my head on the hardwood floor and I had a huge knot there for a week.

#2- My favorite season is winter. Not so much here in Kentucky, but if I were in Idaho, what fun I would be having in the snow.

#3- I used to weigh almost 300 pounds.

#4- Give me a bowl of refried beans, cheese melted in them and a bag of tortilla chips and I am pretty happy for a while!


#5- I grew up on a dairy farm in Southeastern Idaho, so yes, I know how to milk a cow.

#6- I had a Saint Bernard when I was growing up and his name was Irving.

#7- One of the best days of my life was several years ago when my Mother (80 yrs. old at the time) rode the tram to the top of the Teton Mountains. It was an awesome day! She just sat around and looked around while we hiked around, took pictures, and stuff. She was truly amazed to be up that high! Some older people would have stayed below and not taken on the adventure. My brother and sister were there that day also, so it made for a really good day.

#8- It amazes me to watch Pete play the guitar.

#9- Caramel is better than chocolate.

#10- I am homesick most of the time.

Those are my random things. Now for the "word of the day". It's not really a word, just something that came up in conversation last night. I thought that I was going to laugh myself sick over it. How the word came about is yet another story that could take forever to explain.

I don't even have a definition for it, but you all will understand!

The word is REDNECKER. The sentence it was used in is as follows: The cage fighting at Murray, was MORE REDNECKER, than the cage fighting at the Big E!

I really don't need to dwell on that one.

Since this is random thought day, I will post a random picture for Patience. This particular photo reminds me of the craziness of the holiday season! A little bit of everything, going every which way!


Patience-please said...

I LOVE your writing! Love it! You just constantly amaze me.

William F. Renzulli said...

I knew we shared more than good looks. I too can milk a cow!

Carbonara Clan said...

Those weren't so random thoughts as most were stories, but it was good! I have never touched a cow boobie- gross! HAHA

Who said Rednecker? Pete or his friend?