Monday, December 24, 2007


I am completely and totally exhausted! I am going back to work today in hopes of getting some rest. I hope that we will be done early though so that I can come home and take a nap. You would think that I would be rested after going to bed at 7:30 last night, but I guess that it wasn't enough. We have had a great time with Megan, John, Wesley, Bailey and Will. We did our Christmas yesterday, but it kind of made me feel out of sorts. It's been absolutely nuts in the household with 5 extra people staying here, but the time has been well spent and it's always nice to have your family around you. Saturday evening and Sunday morning, I spent my time cooking all of the things that we usually have for Christmas. I did a ham, homemade rolls, tons of gingersnaps, chocolate chip cookies, and several different appetizer type dishes. By the time that all of that was done, I was done also. (Thanks to Jill for all of her help.) We opened some gifts and we all got some really nice things. I got 2 pair of really cool shoes! One pair is red! But, anyway, I didn't take one single picture of anyone or anything, BAD ME, but who had the time?
Tomorrow, Edwin, Pete, Jill and I will do our Christmas after we have all had coffee and stuff, then I will be on vacation until the 31st of December. Now, that doesn't mean that my cell phone won't be ringing like crazy, but I really am going to try and rest my body and my mind starting this afternoon.
Mother, Cameron, and Sybil, I love you guys with every nth of my being and really wish that I could be there with you guys at this time of year. It just seems that it's never in the cards for me though. I hope that you all try and have a good Christmas and play some cards and laugh and all that stuff. Samantha, I love you too and I know that you will have a lot of fun considering that you have 2 young ones that still believe! The looks on those young faces on Christmas morning will be priceless.
Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention the fact that my car won't start! Maybe Pappy will work on it today! Just my luck!


I see this word in crossword puzzles all of the time, I guess that it's time that I learn what it means so that I can fill in some blanks!

er·satz /ˈɛrzɑts, -sɑts, ɛrˈzɑts, -ˈsɑts/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[er-zahts, -sahts, er-zahts, -sahts] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
serving as a substitute; synthetic; artificial: an ersatz coffee made from grain. –noun
an artificial substance or article used to replace something natural or genuine; a substitute.



Patience-please said...

Get some REST! Jake is here and he recycled Michael and Ashley's tree out of the the alley, so now we have a tree.
I called Michael to be sure and they really are done with it!
I guess I'll write about it later.

William F. Renzulli said...

I know exactly what you need! A ride around the block in the VOUS!!!! That always does it for me.

Merry Christmas with hugs for you and a manly punch in the arm for whats his name.


Samantha said...

Wish we could all be together but glad you had a good "Christmas." Loving the blog. Feels like I get to talk to you all the time and know what's going on in your life!! Love you too!