Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Is Well,

Well, I guess for some of us more fortunate Paducahans who are now the recipients of some great work of Paducah Power system who worked through the night on Friday and Saturday to get us up and running again. There are still some people in the area who remain without power. There are still complete counties (on a different power companies) that still have no power, water, gas, or really anything to speak of. This whole experience has been very humbling. For my family members that read my blog, know that we are all OK and we now have power and heat! We never did lose hot water or our gas service, which was awesome! It's cool to be able to stay clean in harried situations. Will do several more posts as time permits to relate the whole storm with those of you that are far away and anyone else who wants to read. I have taken over 100 pictures of the whole mess. Peace~!


Lyn said...

So glad to hear that you are all well. Sounded pretty nasty and scary. Hope to see your pictures of things soon.(hopefully from Samantha's computor as I am going there when our little Logan is born) Will keep you posted.

Carbonara Clan said...

GOSH, glad u guys are ok! We were so worried!! John's dad has no power still but they are in Heath. They have not seen or heard from anyone from power compamy. They do have gas heat (propane) so they are warm. They did get his grandma. She had 3 huge branches crash through her trailer and (thank God I asked police to keep check on her) the police got her out and took her to Red Cross for shelter. She is with Johns dad now!