Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I truly never thought that it would happen, but it did! Why oh why can't we just have some snow instead of this CRAP!!
It is everywhere! I mean every where! It's kind of scary sitting in the house and hearing limbs break and crash all around you!
Crashing over the beloved man cave and into the alley!
Into the front of taxi cabs blocked by a fence!!!
But I have got to admit, it is kind of pretty! I love looking at the trees, especially colorful ones!
Here's my neighbor's weeping cherry tree! Weeping pretty fiercely today!
At least with snow we could have built a snowman somewhere! Might not have been a big snow man or lasted too long, but it would have been more fun than this!


Carbonara Clan said...

Damn that looks bad!!! Uour pics are good though. I really like the red tree branches, its so pretty.

I know all that ice has to suck. We are praying here that all will be ok there.

Carbonara Clan said...

I haven't heard from anyone in hours and I am worried! Call when u get a chnace and let us know u guys are ok!!!!

Lyn said...

I think I'll keep all of the snow we having been receiving. That ice crap looks awefull. It got down to -29 last night and our high today was a whopping 4. Bring out the bikinis!:) It's snowing again right now and is only 1 degree. It's so cold Ripley doesn't even want to go out. Good luck with the ice and hope all is well.

A Keel said...

OMG!! our poor little neighborhood looks like a war zone.

i tried getting you guys just before the storm - Hope you guys are ok