Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Still Waiting

for the damn cable to come on! It's frustrating, but I guess that those DVDs that have been piling up over the years, that are still unopened will get some use now. Things are slowly getting back to normal in our neighborhood, but for some of the areas out in the county they are still without power and other conveniences. Actually, for me, it is becoming quite a stressful situation. Here at home, there is so much to catch up on, like the laundry, but good heavens, I have seen enough dirty clothes in the last 4 days that it makes me want to hurl! I shouldn't feel that way, as we are taking care of all of the power crews that have been working so hard to restore power, but man, do they have a lot of dirty clothes. I just better not see a comcast uniform or I will be pushed to the extreme! Here's a few more pictures to share. I think that these are of day 2
This is the power pole in front of the house after the storm.
Bradford Pear (or what used to be) trees across the street.
Back of the house before most of the limbs crashed to the ground.
Mess of power poles at the end of the block!
More later! Gotta get to work. Peace~!


Carbonara Clan said...

SHIT!!!!! I can't believe how bad it is! I am glad all of u guys are ok though. I wish there is more we could do!

Carbonara Clan said...

U NEED TO SEND THESE PICS INTO NEWS STATIONS. Bunches of news stations are asking for pics. Maybe get some money for them!!