Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Stinky Cheese Man?

Last night I talked to my grandbabies on the phone. In a previous post I have mentioned that Will can recite the whole story of "The Gingerbread Man". Well, somehow, someone, somewhere has changed the story now to the Stinky Cheese Man, and Will informed me that it is a book! I don't believe him though. He went through the motions of the whole story, except he said, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?", you can't catch me cuz I'm the Stinky Cheese man!" It was the cutest thing ever. I am also happy because I am taking the 11th of April off and will get to spend time with my grandkids! They will be here for spring break and with other grandparents (Will and Bailey) and Wesley will be with his Dad. Then we get to have a slumber party with them for a couple of nights. I am really looking forward to this since I didn't get to spend much time with them the last time that they were here.

32 days until I am in Idaho! woohoo!

Oh, Bill and Patience, I am serious about the Chicken Cacciatore and French Bread! Aynex, you are more than welcome to come also, if you think that you can handle my cooking! Let's set a date OK guys?


Patience-please said...

I think I'm married to the stinky cheese man!!!

Tell us when to come (can't do mon, tues, or wed this week coming up aren't I a pain in the butt) and we'll be there with bells on!
(Do you want to wait til your neck feels better?)

Carbonara Clan said...

Stinky Cheese Man has bacon for a mouth and olives for eyes.