Saturday, March 15, 2008


OK OK BE PATIENT PATIENCE! I didn't realize that I had published this until I saw the comment by my dear neighbor. I have just been mulling it over in my mind for almost a week as to how to explain what I am trying to say! So, here goes, but I will have to start from the beginning!
OK, I have lived in Western Kentucky for almost 15 years now. It will be 15 years in September as a matter of fact. I pretty much transplanted myself from a little town in Southeastern Idaho. Most of you know that I grew up on a farm, and that the nearest "city" is a place called Idaho Falls. It's a little bigger than Paducah. Well, probably quite a bit bigger by now.

When I first came here I found out rather fast what people meant by the term "culture shock". I got a job and met some nice people and I had that job for about 6 months. I didn't really get to know anyone there because it's always been really hard for me to make friends and it still is. So, anyway, then I got a job at the place where I am still employed. I finally began to make friends and learn some "southern" ways. I would hear people talk about what they cooked for dinner, and the whole time in my mind I was thinking WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! For instance, white beans! There are people who cannot survive without this staple. Where I come from, we always had what we called lima beans, but here they are butter beans, and ham hocks! Mother always made them in the crock pot and they were ever so tasty! I had never heard of POLK SALAD (I hope that the spelling is correct) and to my amazement I found out that this is actually a freaking WEED! and people wash it off and eat it! Then I heard several years later from one of my co-workers that everyone thought that I was weird! PLEASE give me a break! I don't go foraging in ditches for greens to put on my plate! and they thought that I was weird? I don't think so!!! I could go on and on about all of the differences and such, but time is of the essence!

Anyway, back to the question which also involves I guess a "southern" thing! Last Friday night my husband and I got into a discussion, not an argument, but a discussion. I was relating an incident about my day at work and to make a long story short I told him that I was tired of everyone around here saying that things are IN THE FLOOR! I quickly pointed out to him that if whatever was IN the FLOOR that it would be embedded in there! He was arguing, not discussing, with me and I had finally had enough. I got up from my chair and grabbed one of his SWEET AND LOW packets and threw it ON THE FLOOR! I then asked him if it was ON THE FLOOR or IN THE FLOOR! He then stated that it was IN THE FLOOR! GRRRRRR!!!! I am not trying to be the grammar police here, but give me another freakin' break! My question to ya'll (yeah, that part came really easy to me after I moved here) is simply is it IN OR ON?

In other news, in 1 1/2 months I will be in IDAHO! woohoo!!!

Pete is fine! Edwin is fine! Getting our roof repaired this weekend! Wesley sent me an email that said " opa oma i love you i am going to bed wesley" how dang cute is that?



ac·cul·tur·a·tion /əˌkʌltʃəˈreɪʃən/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[uh-kuhl-chuh-rey-shuhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
the process of adopting the cultural traits or social patterns of another group.
the result of this process.

Just something weird that I have in the back yard! (Running out of pictures, need to take some more!)


Patience-please said...


left hanging-

Lyn said...

I say it is ON THE FLOOR! I am totally with you on this one. To be IN THE FLOOR , it would have to actually be "IN" the floor. You are not weird, they are. And they say Idaho is weird:) Can't wait to see you!

Patience-please said...

I missed the rest of this until tonight. ON the floor. Dog hair is ON the floor. Oak is IN the floor. Tile is IN the floor. Dog poop is ON the floor. Dog pee can get IN the floor but only if it sits (KY = sets) a while and that's nasty!
I do love your writing!!

and I love that photo... if you are running out, I guess you better take some more, hmmmmm?


Samantha said...

ON! Enough said!

kg said...

OK, so I was Googling about this very subject b/c I had just said "in the floor" and my husband said, "I don't want our son (a baby) to learn to talk like that." WTH? So he explained to me that it is "ON the floor"... hence my Googling. So really, though I think you and he are correct, what I really was looking for was to see if I was alone in my misspeaking. Looks like I'm not! ;-) BTW, we are from Oklahoma (but hubby lived in Illinois and Iowa as a little kid). So yeah, it MUST be a Southern / Midsouth thing!