Thursday, December 18, 2008

Worse than a child!

As Christmas is only 1 week away I find myself as anxious as a child awaiting Santa's arrival, but not specifically for the gifts that I will receive, but for the gifts that I have chosen for my beloved family this year! My heart is racing due to the anticipation of said event. My heart is racing because of the plans that I have to do some nice things for neighbors and friends. Santa will come to our house this year on Christmas Eve, which he hasn't done for quite some time. This will be Pete's last big Christmas, as next year, he will no longer be a teenager, so Santa will visit one last time with a surprise! That is, if aforementioned teenager hasn't snooped! I have baking to do, gingersnaps for Megan mainly, and some new recipes that I would like to try! I am going to force myself to get all of it done too!

On one last note, please read my friend's blog! Her name is Beverly and she is travelling through Southeast Asia! Her stories and pictures really hit home as to how fortunate we are to live in such a great country. You can find the link on my sidebar! It has become an adventure to me just to read her stories and see how other people live.


Aynex Mercado said...

I want cookies!!! I like the new look.

Carbonara Clan said...

I feel your pain of wanting Christmas to be here soooo soon! I can't wait for all the gifts I have bought you guys to be opened. I really think this year I tried to make each person's gifts a little special and I hope you all will be super happy!

I hate that we have to come in New Years now, but we want to be able to spend more time there then just a day or 2. Plus right now we all have this stomach bug going and none of us need to travel sick!

But it won't be long now and we can have a great Christmas together!!