Wednesday, December 17, 2008


At the request of the Carbonara clan I guess that I should update. Things have been a little bit crazy and busy here and it has made me ever so lazy too! What with work, trying to get the Christmas shopping done, making lists and checking them twice, I have not been sleep deprived at the end of the day! Matter of fact, trips to the Land of Nod have been quite early and very satisfying!
It's hard for me not to be sentimental at this time of year, what with being away from my family back home in Idaho and with Megan and John and the cutest little punks ever being in South Carolina. I miss Mother's cooking and all of the family card games and such that seemed to always coincide with the holidays. I miss seeing the wonder in the punks eyes every time that they walk into our house gazing at the Christmas tree and wondering what is in each and every package and if they will be the recipient of the "great big huge" one! I miss my teenage girls singing the "Loose Panties" Christmas song! It won't be too long until Megan and John and the punks arrive for Christmas and I have a list a mile long of things that need to be accomplished beforehand, will they get done? I seriously doubt it! I will be taking a vacation day this Friday and maybe some of those things will be done, but if there is a good "doorbuster" somewhere, that will take first priority! More later! VC


Lyn said...

Glad you are back! Missed hearing about things in your neck of the woods. We will miss you too and think of all of you. Hope you get all the things done you need to. Love and miss you.

Carbonara Clan said...

Thanks for the update! Its about time we all heard from you again!!