Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Past/Christmas Future

Greetings to all! Christmas turned out pretty well so far this year. The reason that I say that is because Megan, John and the punks will arrive on New Years Day and we get to do it all over again. I was showered with lovely gifts that I had asked for, Edwin got almost everything that he asked for and Pete got above and beyond what he asked for! (Pictures in a minute)

On Christmas Eve Jillian and Mike came over and we played UNO for what seemed to be hours. It was a lot of fun with some evil "get even" plays throughout the evening. We laughed so hard I thought that we would cry. Now for Pete's BIG gift! Yes, that's right, he got a set of drums! The black ones to be exact! The burgundy color ones are from a friend's house that were brought over in order to make the EPIC drum set! They were taken immediately to the man cave! I know it's kind of a sacred thing for guys, but I had to post the picture, therefore, you get to see the man cave, or at least part of it!
I didn't get any other pictures to share, but plan to utilize all of my cameras this weekend when everyone it here. Should be lots of fun! Can't wait. Found some way cool cooking blogs that I will be adding to my favorites here after a while. Be sure to check them out. Especially the one with the baked french toast! It is to die for! Peace!


Carbonara Clan said...

AWESOME drums!!! I bet he is super happy! see ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope he didn't give up on the guitar.
nah, he wouldn't do that.
btw Lars Ulrich SUCKS

Lyn said...

What a fun LOUD gift! Wish he could come and teach Bradyn how to play the guitar. That's what he asked Santa for. Now he just needs to learn to play it. Have fun with your babies! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Where did Grandma's little man go??? Cool drums. Maybe he can play us a tune and send us a recording. Ya think? Sybil

The Founding Father said...

"Man Cave" was a term invented by the HGTV network. Find out the real deal at

Be A Man.

- The Founding Father