Monday, June 2, 2008


I like to sit! Especially after a grueling day at my work place! This was a different kind of sit! Several weeks ago, when Barb was here, she ask me to sit for her while she did an artistic view of me with pastels! It is different when you sit in front of the tv, watching your favorite program, or sit while reading a book, or sit and play a game of cards, or dice or a board game with your favorite friends or beloved family members. This was what I will call a "hard sit"! First she told me that I should wear something bright and colorful! I scoured my closet for the requested article of clothing, only to realize that I am quite a boring dresser. My closet is filled with mostly black and white clothing. Black because they say that it is "slimming", which I really need, and white, just because I like it! Only recently have I begun to purchase tans and something with a little splash of color here and there. So, I guess that meant that I had to go shopping! Oh, darn!

The experience was something very extraordinary. Sitting for an artist takes tons of concentration and most of all self control! More that I thought that I could ever exhibit! At first, yes, I took the break after 20 minutes or so, stretched my legs, went outside to satisfy my ill habit, then I was back at it! Staring at a pink post it note on Karen's wall, I willed myself to not move a muscle! The longer that I sat, the longer I wanted to sit. I found myself in some kind of weird zone, not because I wanted the whole experience to be over, but because, there was no one there that was bothering me, I didn't have to think about anything, unless I wanted to and it was pretty cool! Then Barb, the artiste!, did a bad thing! She offered to make me some coffee! I said "sure" with my closed mouth, so as not to screw up the end result! Time for a break! Went outside, came back in and the coffee smelled oh so good! I got a couple of swigs in, then that old slave driver made me assume the position once again! I sat my cup right near the front leg of the chair! It was Starbucks and it smelled so dang good, and I couldn't even take a sip! By the time that break rolled around again, it was just the right temperature for guzzling! I won't ramble on too much, only to say that this was a really good experience. It taught me a lesson about self control, in that you can really have self control when you need to! Thank you Barb and Karen for the great experience. Now to all of you far away readers, here is the end result! I love it!



Can't help thinking about the little boy in the Dairy Queen commercial!


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originally, opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England, now opposition to the belief that there should no longer be an official church in a country
When people are asked for the longest word they know, they often say antidisestablishmentarianism


madre-terra said...

That's a lovely picture.
I have been art modeling for years and in one of the studios that I usually work in there is a piece of paper on the wall that says, "Art models are great thinkers".
How true, how true.
Had you gotten to planning out your grocery list yet.
I've got mine entirely memorized by the end of a 3 hour class.
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Anonymous said...


Samantha said...

WOW! That is seriously amazing!! What a beautiful picture!

Carbonara Clan said...

That is an anwesome drawing!!

Barbara Noonan said...

So kind of you to post this my friend!!!

I have to say that she made a most wonderful model and became a good friend. Typically when I ask someone to "pose" for me they hesitate, hem and haw - Dear Valerie just offered to do it straight away and was fabulous!!!

Enjoy it everyone.

Hey - kiddo - can you please make my link to (No "G") Thanks!!!

Miss you!!! Barb