Saturday, June 21, 2008


Last night I talked to my grandkids! They were cute as usual, but one thing really struck my funny chord. When Bailey got on the phone, I asked her what they were doing, and she stated to me, rather "matter of factly" they were just "sitting around looking at each other", with a very SOUTHERN drawl in her voice. I guess you would have had to experienced it for yourself, but it was rather humorous! I am very excited because John, Megan, and all three grandbabies will be here on Friday! Friday night, the women are taking over the man cave for chit chat and adult beverages, which will probably include sangria! It probably won't happen, cuz the man cave is a guy thing, but hey, I can dream can't I?


Patience-please said...

get the men occupied with the smoker or the grill... they wouldn't even notice you women in the cave!

madre-terra said...

Just what I was thinking Patience!
But really, we women can do better than a damp, stinky, ol' man cave. LIke, uh, uhm...jeeze I have no idea. When I get there will you please lead me to the women because I won't last a nano-second in the cave. Better yet I will just follow the clinking of the sangria glasses.