Friday, January 25, 2008


In 3 months and 4 days I will be leaving the city of Paducah! I am going to see my Mother, my sister and my brother. Words cannot express how excited I am! It has been 4 years since I have laid eyes on my Mother, even though I call her every day to check on her, it's just not the same. I am so looking forward to just being with her for a while, and my brother and sister also. What excites me the most, is that it seems to be something of a tradition that every time that I go there we go through some of Mother's "junk". Well, some of it is junk, but mostly it's treasures. Pictures, pictures and more pictures, old linens that my grandmother made, all of my mother's recipe books, stuff like that. Speaking of recipe books, there is one that she has that is absolutely AWESOME! While my brother and I were young she kept all of our used notebooks from school. She would buy magazines like Woman's Day, Family Circle, and Good Housekeeping, and always, Better Homes and Gardens, cut recipes out, and glue them to the pages in the used notebooks. She has one "recipe book" that is simply a loose leaf binder, covered with contact paper (ugly contact paper at that), with recipes glued to every single page. The last time that I saw it, the damn thing wouldn't even close. That is by far my favorite one to look at. There are some really old recipes in there, as she had that one before I was even born. Maybe that's why I love recipes, any one have any that they would like to share? I can always use more.

So that's my exciting news for the day. Ya'll have a good one, and another WOOHOO! IT'S FRIDAY!
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William F. Renzulli said...

Have a great visit. There is nothing better than being with family. Just remember to come back.

Patience-please said...

Check out this blog:
It's a cute gal whose fiance' doesn't like anything but bacon and she loves to cook. So she 'shares' all her recipes and preparation with her readers.
Her mom died when she was only 6, but she has her mom's old cookbook, complete with her hand written notes.
Funny how that connection works. Every time I make my mom's porkchop recipe, I feel like I have a little bit of her back.

great post-

Samantha said...

WAHOO!!! So exciting! You'll have to let me know that exact dates you will be there so we can try to come too! I would LOVE to go through Grandma's cookbooks and other treasures and learn more about her past! Super fun! Love ya!

Cameron said...

Well, now that we have that straightened out....

Carbonara Clan said...

What a looker your mom was!!!! Have lots of fun and send her love from all of us- wush we could be there!!