Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On haitus I guess

Haven't blogged in a while, I guess because I was very nervous about our trip to Mississippi and the onset of Hurricane Gustav! Maybe I must explain that I am pretty much terrified of water, having been through a flood once in my life, so it made the trip a little more nerve racking than it should have been. The Husband's parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, so it was pretty much a requirement to be in attendance. The only family member that wasn't able to attend was Pete and I missed him a whole bunch. Things were going well, except for the heat and the tv station set to updates of Gustav. I didn't need a reminder. The party went well, we got to see the grandbabies, as John and Megan also travelled from South Carolina to be there. Now I want your opinion! Who could not LOVE this face?

Or this face?
Or this face?

It was so good to see all of the kids and have at least a couple of days with them. Of course, I don't need to remind you about Gustav! There was a mandatory evacuation for Jackson County Mississippi issued on Saturday. Well, the party still remained to be considered. Husband's mother was very intent on having said gathering! Well, to stay married for 50 years is a real milestone and does call for a celebration. In the back of my mind all I could think was Gustav, Gustav, Gustav. Same weekend as Katrina hit 3 years ago. Oh, lord, what had I gotten myself into? Well, needless to say, the party took place and was very nice. Here's a picture of the cake.

That's their wedding picture on top of the cake!

Here's the happy couple cutting the cake!

All in all we had a real nice time. Megan, John and kids left Saturday night after we had all eaten way too much seafood, potatoes, coleslaw, ribs, hush puppies, and biscuits. They couldn't find a motel room until they were almost to Birmingham. We left Sunday morning after Husband helped his Dad board up the house. Traffic was horrible. I have never seen so many cars with Louisiana plates in all of my life. I don't blame them though, I would have skedaddled! Sometimes we were going 20 miles and hour, and then up to 50 miles an hour. It was a long drive and we were exhausted by the time that we arrived at our front porch.

Now it's back to the same old daily grind! I will say though, that there's no place that I would probably rather be than HOME. It's nice to visit different places and see new things, but home is the best place of all.


Carbonara Clan said...

With all the drama of the hurricane and anniversary, I think we still had a very good time! Plus I loved having us all together again... it has been too long!

Lyn said...

Glad you all made it home safely. Thought about you when I heard about the hurricane. Glad you had a nice time and got to see those grandbabies! We get to see ours this weekend! Can't wait. We get to see them play in their first soccar games on Saturday. Take care!

Samantha said...

Wow - those kids are adorable and so grown-up! Glad you are home safe!!